List of Freebies,Coupons and Deals

Ultimate List of Freebies!

*Before you start couponing,deal and freebie hunting, I suggest you get a separate email account for these things alone. Gmail is the easiest to organize.


Influenster will send you a box of items for free if you qualify. Sign up, get familiar with the site and visit it often and soon you will have a voxbox. Influenster likes people who are influential, meaning have a lot of followers on their social media channels, so connect all of the accounts that you can. Once you get your box you complete tasks in order to keep your rank up, thus earning more free stuff!

Bzz Agent

Bzz agent will send you free items to review based on your answers to the surveys you take on their site. After you get your items, you review them on Bzzagent to improve your bzzscore which will give you a better chance at getting into the next campaign. You also connect all of your social media channels to improve your Bzzscore.

Pinch Me

Free samples on tuesdays!

fill out a long personal bio and surveys to get samples that go with your lifestyle


Swaggable is another site for companies to send out samples in exchange for your review. If you visit the site frequently and like a few products on the site so they can know what you are most interested in, Swaggable will send you a similar item. So far the samples I have gotten have been energy shots and packets of protein shakes.

Twitter parties!!

To get invites to Twitter parties, follow your favorite brands on Twitter and watch for Twitter party invites in your email. Through Twitter parties you can win some great prizes. So far I’ve won a $50 gift card and I’ve only attended 2 parties . Read up on how to participate if you don’t already know.

Product testing!!

Sometimes companies will send out a questionaire for your eligibility to test and review their products. If you are a parent,parent magazine has these surveys you can do to get chosen for the testing. The value of the products im testing now are over $100  and I get to keep them. That’s just an example though, every product test is different.

Email your favorite companies with compliments or complaints to get coupons!

I advise against lying to get coupons. Don’t send an email if it’s not a genuine compliment or complaint. Including pictures or social media posts is a nice touch  as is offering to review their products. Ive never had a company ignore my request for coupons or deny my request. They want you to buy their products and if that means giving you free product coupons and a few percent off ones they are usually willing.


Apply to host house parties.

The first step is to apply to the parties you are interested in. You can complete the tasks at the end to get a better chance of getting in the party. I’ve applied for 3 on tryazon and have already gotten picked for one! So can you! Don’t apply if you cannot follow through and host the party.

House Party

Create an account on house party and apply to the parties. Make your application Is persuasive and only apply to the things you are interested in.

Generation Good

I absolutely love seventh generation products (all-natural baby, laundry and cleaning products) so this site was for me. The site looks just like smiley 360 but feels easier to navigate. All you have to do is take their surveys and participate in discussions to get freebies to try. They periodically have a Healthy Home Healthy Baby party you can apply to. I hosted one once at my baby shower. The pack came with lots of goodies and tons of coupons.

Besides the freebies that came with the party, I have recieved lots of coupons in the mail and a bobble coffee brewer, which is pretty awesome.

Printable Coupons


Mobile Coupon Rebates

Mobile coupons are coupons on apps. Download the app and if you buy anything on the app you scan your receipt and your items with rebate offers. Your money will accumulate to be redeemed for giftcards! It adds up if you keep up with it. They have bonuses from time to time like if you redeem 4 rebates you get a $2 incentive etc. The great thing about these mobile coupons is that you can use them at big box stores like Sam’s and Costco! I put them in order of best to least best.



Online Price Compare

The only one I like is Wiki buy. Install Wiki buy on your main computer you do online shopping on and once you add anything to your cart Wiki buy with search for a lower price and let you know when it’s done. Link below.