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Influenster has sent me a Voxbox with the new C9 Sports bra at Target!

Honestly I was dreading trying this bra because it’s always been hard for me to find a good fitting sports bra. Sports bras either give me uni-boob or crush my boobs which is not ok now that I’m breastfeeding. My husband once told me “Could you wear a more flattering bra?” before we went for a walk.It was the one and only time he has EVER said anything negative about my appearance. Before I could even look for a FLATTERING sports bra, I got an email notifying me that I was getting this VoxBox. Kismet? Maybe. Awesome? TOTES!

I was reluctant to try on the bra once I had received it. I bit the bullet and tried it on.

The bra I was sent was in the color black, not the color I would have picked. I tend to be drawn to bright colors like the one pictured above (they sent me a large percent off coupon to purchase another one-they got me!) I debated taking it back and getting a prettier color. It was tempting but black does go with everything so I kept it. Let me tell you this bra fit me like a glove! It fits as if it has under-wire but i checked and nope, no under-wire. I wore it for half a day. When I got home from errands I did not want to immediately take my bra off as per usual.(TMI? Sorry) I actually like the black color because I don’t have to worry about my clothes matching over it. They offer many vibrant color choices with prices ranging from $16.99-$22.99. Its great that it has 4 different clasps on the back. If you lose weight or gain weight its no problem with this sports bra, just change the clasp. It is a reasonable price for such a great bra. I’m not just saying all this. This is my honest opinion.

Thanks for reading my  rambles!


#C9atTarget  #C9FitGirls @Influenster @Target

*I received these items complimentary for reviewing purposes.

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