Walmart Trendsetter Beauty BoxWinter 2016-17

Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2016-17

This is a seasonal box that only costs $5. You are charged $5 every season before it is shipped out. You can choose classic or trendsetter box.

I was a bit disappointed when I got mine. I looked at other peoples boxes on Instagram and everyone else got two additional items, either a maskara or Berts Bees Lotion and another . This box just sucked. Why is almost everything lotion??



Rooster Fin Game Night from Tryazon!

Rooster Fin Game Night from Tryazon

I was selected to host the Rooster Fin House Party from Tryazon. If you aren’t familiar with Tryazon, it is a company that has house parties for brands that need to get there name out there that sends out party packs to the applicants they choose. You can apply for these parties at It is free for you to review if you get chosen to host!

Here is what came in my party pack. I also was given exclusive coupons to pass out that arent pictured here. I have one left, so if you want one comment below and I would be happy to mail it to you! I also received coloring pages! I love that Rooster Fin has YouTube videos of how to play these games.


I recieved the games Turtle Flip, Monkey Up and Pong Cano from Rooster Fin.

We enjoyed some snacks and got to playing these games! The ages on the games say 6 and up, but I was expecting them to be more for younger children, say 3 and up.


Turtle Flip

We played turtle flip first. It was hard to understand the instructions but after a while we got the hang of it. Its a cute simple game. It says 6 and up on the box but I think a 4 year old could play.


Here is How to Play Turtle Flip!

Pong Cano 

The favorite of the 3 games was Pong Cano. The game goes fast because it comes with 10 chips that you lose when you miss the volcano. Its nice to have an easy game that everyone can play. You can practice your hand eye coordination because it is tricky to get the ping pong ball in the volcano.




Monkey Up!

We played monkey up last. It reminded me of monkeys in a barrel. I think my nefew liked to stack and play with them more than actually playing the game.



Here is How to Play Monkey Up:

I think we need to play these games a few more times before we really know how to play. The rules are unique in these games with the exception of Pong Cano, which has the same rules as beer pong except when you miss you lose a chip. All in all, I think these are great family games to add to your arsenal. I know we will be playing these games at family game nights for years to come! I’ll be checking out their website for more awesome games.

You can buy these 3 games and more from Rooster Fin linked below. The games range from $14.99-$24.99.

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Amazon Boxes!

Amazon has come out with sample boxes! Whoo! Who doesn’t LOVE sample boxes??? I like to try things before I buy them.

With these boxes you buy the box, then Amazon credits you they money back to spend on any items you want that were in the box. Its a great way to find great products! It would also be a great gift to send someone in the military, or a care package for a student or camper!

I ordered the snack box and the suds box. The snack box is $4.99 and comes with 5 or more snacks. The suds box is cleaning products. It comes with 9 samples and costs $7.99.There is a full size product in there!  You get that money back to spend on any products from the box that you like. Some people might call that free but its really not because you will have to spend that money on one of the products in your box, but technically speaking the boxes are free. Some of these may be sold out by the time you see this post.

Here are the boxes and links to each box:

Suds Cleaning Products Box Price $7.99

Cofee Syrup Sample Box Price $9.99  :

Protein Bar Sample Box  $9.99 :

Cookie Sample Box  Price $4.99  :

Womens Beauty Box $9.99 :

Energy Drink Sample Box $7.99:

Snack Bar Sample Box $4.99:

Snack Foods Sample Box $4.99:

Womens Skin and Oral Care Beauty Care Sample Box  $14.99:

Happy savings! 

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Mothers Day Spring Cleaning Party!

Thanks to Tryazon and Full Circle, I had the pleasure of introducing my family to safe, eco-friendly and plant based cleaning products!

Going green has definitly been a long process for me and I have tried to not bite off more than I can chew. For a long time I have been interested in making my own cleaning products to
avoid the gross chemicals, dies and other unsafe things in our cleaning products. Full Circle made it super easy for me with a beautiful spray cleaning set! It was my favorite thing in the box of products they sent me to host a spring cleaning party with. They sent me tons of great cleaning products that are 100 percent all natural, bamboo or cotton, chemical free and recyclable! I truly have fallen in love with this brand! Not only are their products green, they also look beautiful so you can clean in style. You also save money in the long run by making your own cleaning products and keep your home chemical free.

Here is what I got in my party pack: (complimentary from Tryazon and Full Circle)




Lets get to the party!

We had a traditional brunch with Quiche, salad and strawberry shortcake!


I talked ro my guests about the importance of going green when it comes to cleaning products. I demonstrated how to make a basic multpurpose spray.






I showed them all the bamboo products I recieved and the favorite was the glass cleaner. Ive been using it and love it. It is super effective at cleaning glass and pretty to boot!



I Love love love Seventh generation products so I also introduced the dish soap and multi purpose spray to them. Seventh generation is a great alternative to green cleaning if you dont have the time to make your own cleaning products. They are eco friendly, safe for your home and have few ingredients. They are pricier than their un safe, non eco friendly counterparts but I think its worth it to help save our earth and to make our homes chemical free!



My guests tested out the duster on my windowsills!
The handle is made of bamboo and the duster is machine washable microfiber. I like swiffer dusters but they are wasteful because they dusters are not recyclable and not reuseable. Its just another thing to go into the landfill.

full circle sent us two kitchen towels made with cotton that are attractive and didnt cost the environment an arm and a leg to make. They also sent a four pack of cotton napkins that my family will now use in place of paper towels. Paper towels are such a waste. You cannot recycle them! You can reuse cotton napkins though! There are little things like that you can do to help save the earth.


My family liked the products so much that they want to buy a few things. Ill probobly be buying family their christmas presents from full circle this year! The prices are very reasonable.  Its one thing to go green yourself but to introduce it to family and friends is even better. They can influence thier friends to go green as well! It really doesnt take much to make a difference. Every good choice you make makes a difference!

To learn more about full circle go here:

To learn more about Seventh Generation Go here:

To join Seventh Generations  program go here: :

I hosted the Healthy Baby Home Party a while ago and it was a blast!

It came with goodie bags to fill with coupons and samples for my guests, full size diapers, wipes and dish soap. Since hosting, the only wipes I will biu are Seventh Generation. I also love the dish soap and have been buying it along with laundry detergent and cleaning sprays.  They are doing another party soon, so if you are interested join generation good linked above. See what all the buzz is about 🙂


Interested in hosting a house party like this one?  You can apply here:

Check out my going green pinboard also!



Freebies Today! 5/09/2016

Are you a Sam’s Club member? Join the mom and dads club to get a free $10 gift card to Sam’s or Walmart! It makes just one minute to sign up! Easy Money!

Want a $5 Amazon Egiftcard? Just take 2 short personality surveys and get your egiftcard sent to your Email! I had fun doing it! Link below:

Free Pad and Liner From Tampax:

Free Diapers! Refer 3 friends for diapers!


Happy Freebiing!


Purse Party From Tryazon!

Purse Party! 
Here’s what came in my party kit :


1 Whoosh! Electronic Screen Shine
1 pack of 20 computer eyes cucumber eye pads
2 SOI Purse Light
A few informational packets on the SOI. Lights

Though these products by themselves are pretty cool ideas but  I felt like it was hard to create a theme for this party. I know that it is suppost to be a purse party but I dont feel like all of these items fit into that category so my party was more of a hey we can play with this cool stuff party! Haha! Women werent the only ones interested so men came as well.




During our party we enjoyed some local Barbeque and apple and cherry pies. I showed off the products and what they do. After we ate and chit chatted about the products we played Farkle and the winners got to pick a prize from the prize bag. I gave away the travel size whoosh!, an SOI purse light and 10 cucumber eye pads as prizes.


Product Reviews

The Soi. Purse Light

The purpose of this light is to illuminate the inside of your purse and help you to find things. It comes preloaded with batteries. It is manufactured by the german company Brainstream. Here’s what the pamplet says that came with it:

“SOI reacts by being touched or even senses an approaching hand and thus turns on automatically. After a certain period of time SOI switches off again automatically. Just touch or approach your SOI and let it illuminate your bag again”

This thing is pretty nifty. You barely touch it and it comes on and stays on just long enough to find whatever it is you are looking for in your bag or in the dark. The battery is fairly easy to change out and it is an attractive product. I feel like it does solve the problem of the purse being a big black hole. I think it should be marketed as multi use as a flashlight or a light for hunters to keep around. This product is of great quality and does what it claims to do. The only con for this is the cost. It costs around $30 and it seems like other companies have stolen the idea.

Purchase one here:

Whoosh! Screen Shine 

Whoosh! is a tech hygiene product. It claims to be safe for all screens, to be non-toxic, ammonia and alcohol free. It claims to resist fingerprints too.

I’m all for non-toxic safe products as I have a baby and want to keep our home as safe as possible. Even if you don’t have kids it’s important that we don’t buy things with chemicals that will have a negative effect on our bodies and our earth. Alcohol and amonia will strip your

This spray screen cleaner works well. It comes with a cloth to wipe your screens with. If you have alot of screens in your home this might be a good investment. It makes your screens like new and keeps the dust at bay without harmful chemicals. Its great to use on your smart phone as we get them pretty dirty.

Can be purchased here:


Computer Eyes Cucumber Eye Pads

Here is some info from their packaging:

  • Fresh cucumber aroma helps lift anxiety caused in daily living. To alleviate the discomfort of stressed eyes caused by long periods of staring at your laptop, tablets and smart phones.Fresh Cucumber with Vitamin E, Chamomile, Green Tea and Aloe Vera
  • 20 pre-moistened pads in a re-sealable sachet
  • Will soothe and rehydrate the eyes
  • Will help to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes
  • For added freshness store in refrigerator before use
  • Paraben free

I tried these and I think they are great to use unless you have fresh cucumber to use. They do what they claim which is to reduce puffiness and relieve stress from staring at screens. The packaging is minimal and the ingredients are all natural.

Purchase them here:


(These products were sent to me complimentary to review and hold a party. The opinions in this post are entirely my own.)

Spring Walmart Baby Box

My Walmart Baby Box has arrived! 

I’m super happy with it this season!

If you don’t already know, Walmart has a few subscription services. They have a beauty box for the classic category and the trendsetter box. They have a pregnancy, infant and toddler box for baby. They are all $5. That’s it. That includes tax. They charge your card before it ships every season. It comes for times a year. It’s fun to get these boxes and it’s always been worth it. I actually need or use the products so it is money well spent.

Here is the box this season:


Items in the box:

5oz Mam Vented Bottle with Rabbit print and $1 of mam coupon

Mam Pacifier for newborns

Packet sample of Aquafor Healing Ointment

Dapple Pure and Clean Bottle and dish cleaner packet sample and coupon for $1 off any dapple product

2 oz Sample Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Unscented Lotion

Travel Size Johnsons Baby Lotion

Travel Size Dr. Smiths Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Ointment with $2 off coupon inside


I love the Mam bottle! It’s cool to get full size items like the bottle and paci!

Thanks for reading!

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C9 at Target Sports Bra Review

I was chosen by Influenster to recieve the C9 at Target Sports Bra Voxbox!

Here’s the box: 


The voxbox came with one C9 Sports bra in my size in the color black. I was picked for the C9 virtual voxbox as well which was a printable coupon for 40% off of a bra. I figured I could buy one if I liked the one I got in my voxbox.

I was a little wary of receiving a bra in the mail because it seems like I have to try on a million in store to find a good fit. I usually shop for bras at Victoria’s secret so they can measure me before I try on. These C9 sports bras run from $16.99 to $22.99 so I’m not going to compare them to the $35-$60 sports bras Victoria’s Secret carries.

Influenster sent me the size I requested but I wasn’t crazy about the boring black color. I usually go for bright colors. After trying it on I’m glad it’s black because it goes with everything. This bra is very high quality for the price. It fit me well and lifts as if it has underwire but there is none! Underwire in sports bras in no bueno but so is an unflattering sports bra! This bra is flattering! I went out and used my 40% coupon at Target and got a black and mint colored bra. See below:


To possibly get chosen for a voxbox sign up for influenster today! link below:

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How to get Free Baby Formula!


I have gotten hundreds of dollars worth of formula in the mail just from signing up with 3 brands that have been sending me cans of formula in the mail. It’s worth the time to sign up because formula is crazy expensive! Even if you are pregnant and planning on breasfeeding its still a good idea to sign up because you may need to supplement.

Below are the direct links to signing up to get free samples from formula brands. They say “sample” but they send you full size cans! Usually it’s one of each type of formula: Regular and gentle. Enfamil sends out the most formula by far. I’ve gotten 6 cans and a few boxes of the single serve on the go packs too. Gerber sends 1 at a time and I have gotten 3 cans from them along with a monthly milestone bib. Similac sends the non-gmo kind. They also send high value coupons and checks.





*These sites are for U.S residents only

limit 1 per household