A CF Morning Routine

cf morning routine

My son Jude is your typical 3 year old-He doesn’t wanna eat and he doesn’t wanna sit still. If he could spend the entire day at the playground occasionally stopping for some fruit snacks-he would. It is difficult enough raising a toddler without having to do treatments and administer medication before each meal.

I’d like to share with you my morning routine as a CF mom, but just this morning because my routine is very loose and daily I have to think of new ways to make the morning easier.

This morning Jude woke up at 7:00 am. He went to potty and get a drink of water. This is by far the easiest part of the morning, although sometimes he has an accident at night and needs to be cleaned up. Sounds normal so far right? After that I begin my attempts in luring him to his vest machine. Some days he sits on the couch and lets me strap him in-these days are my favorite. This morning, not so much. He ran circles around the kitchen screaming “Nooooooooooooo Vest!” When he feels this strongly, sometimes I feel bad that I have to force him to do something he hates doing. Then I remember that it is keeping him healthy. I’m constantly reiterating to him why he needs treatments in the hopes that one day he will understand and do as he is supposed to. Something tells me he will always be a little defiant. This morning I bribed him with the promise to paint while he did vest. That was a no go. I had the tv on his favorite show already and that hadn’t worked this morning. My only option was to chase after him. I chased him, grabbed him up and put his vest on and quickly turned the vest on so he couldn’t move. He screamed for the first 5 min but then got distracted by cartoons. It was 7:20 by then. After vest he did his 2 breathing treatments and was done at around 8. I poured him a bottle of pediasure and added high-calorie powder to it and got his enzymes ready which he needs in order to help him digest proteins and fats. I also made him a waffle with bacon but he refused them. He also takes an additional med with his enzymes which have to be taken with high-fat foods. He took his enzymes but gave me trouble in taking his vitamin. I always have to bribe him with a gummy vitamin to get him to take it. In his defense, his ADEK vitamin is not the most tasty. The gummy vitamin is for fiber, which he definitely needs due to his history of having intestinal blockages. He drank a little more than half of his bottle which is not enough. There is nothing more I can do because it was close to time to go.  After he eats I get him dressed for the day. Today he refused to wear underwear. I decided to pick my battles this morning and let him wear a pull-up. I took him to preschool with high hopes that he would eat his lunch. As I left preschool I kicked myself for not making him brush his teeth. His breathing treatments are hard on his teeth, making it extra important for him. It wasn’t a perfect morning, but I did my best. Getting him into a routine is a work in progress that I know will be well worth fighting for. Lets not even get started on MY moring routine or lack thereof. I’m out the door in a messy bun, mascara and yoga pants in 5 min flat.

jude vest

A perfect morning 

If it were up to me his morning would go something like this

-Wake up

-Potty and have water/Chill for a moment


-High calorie Breakfast along with vitamins and meds

-Brush Teeth and Get dressed

-Get backpack, lunch, water bottle and go to school

I think we are on our way to having a routine but for now, I will have to roll with the punches.



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