Walmart Trendsetter Beauty BoxWinter 2016-17

Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2016-17

This is a seasonal box that only costs $5. You are charged $5 every season before it is shipped out. You can choose classic or trendsetter box.

I was a bit disappointed when I got mine. I looked at other peoples boxes on Instagram and everyone else got two additional items, either a maskara or Berts Bees Lotion and another . This box just sucked. Why is almost everything lotion??



4 thoughts on “Walmart Trendsetter Beauty BoxWinter 2016-17

  1. I know what you mean when I got my traditional classic Walmart box it had three different kinds of lotions and samples. I know it’s only five dollars but I was expecting a lot more just like you, I feel that I got lotions in every Walmart box! And you are correct it seems like you are missing some stuff!


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