Jude’s Journey Part 5

We took Jude to his 1st Baseball game a couple of weeks ago and he had so much fun, mostly people watching. A few days later Jude and I both ended up with Sinus infections. I freaked out and took him to Urgent Care when he woke up with a runny nose. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal but when you have a child with CF, you don’t know what you should panic over when they are this little. His little nose was runny and he just did not seem himself. I took us to a CareNow and the Dr saw us at the same time. She told me not to worry, that she would prescribe us both antibiotics. Two days later we took Jude to his CF Clinic visit and they confirmed that Jude would be ok. They said its normal in the change of seasons for babies in general to get runny noses. Crisis Averted!

Jude won a photo contest that raised money for CF research! He’s the Grand Prize winner in the middle. We won 2 airfaire tickets!


We went to Miami, Florida for a week. Jude loved pretty much every minute of it. He was good on the plane and he barely cried all week. There was just too much for him to see to be grumpy! His treatments were easy because his Dr prescribed him a travel inhaler for one of his treatments. It takes way less time with the inhaler so we had more time to have fun. The Salty air was great for his lungs and I could tell he felt his best.


5 thoughts on “Jude’s Journey Part 5

  1. So sorry to hear about the sinus infection, better that you took him in just to be sure. It could easily lead to a worse condition. My wife was always proactive with any kind of sickness because of her CF.
    Congratulations on the grand prize and on taking the trip. Do not let his illness stop you from traveling if he is healthy. We traveled with all kinds of medicines, medical equipment and oxygen (for flying) all over the US and Europe. Yes it was inconvenient but the experiences we had were priceless.
    He is beautiful and very happy.
    Your family are in my prayers, Terry.

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      • We had nebulizer, percussor, sterilizer and she needed oxygen to fly, on top of that she was diabetic from the CF, so we had a lot of meds and equipment when we went for 3-4 weeks here and over in Europe. Sadly Jodi died in March. She was 60 and had a sudden event happen in her lungs, burst main blood vessel here at home. She lived a long fun filled, loving life with 3 kids and 3 grandkids. I am blessed to have been a part of it. Prayers for your family always.


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