Rooster Fin Game Night from Tryazon!

Rooster Fin Game Night from Tryazon

I was selected to host the Rooster Fin House Party from Tryazon. If you aren’t familiar with Tryazon, it is a company that has house parties for brands that need to get there name out there that sends out party packs to the applicants they choose. You can apply for these parties at It is free for you to review if you get chosen to host!

Here is what came in my party pack. I also was given exclusive coupons to pass out that arent pictured here. I have one left, so if you want one comment below and I would be happy to mail it to you! I also received coloring pages! I love that Rooster Fin has YouTube videos of how to play these games.


I recieved the games Turtle Flip, Monkey Up and Pong Cano from Rooster Fin.

We enjoyed some snacks and got to playing these games! The ages on the games say 6 and up, but I was expecting them to be more for younger children, say 3 and up.


Turtle Flip

We played turtle flip first. It was hard to understand the instructions but after a while we got the hang of it. Its a cute simple game. It says 6 and up on the box but I think a 4 year old could play.


Here is How to Play Turtle Flip!

Pong Cano 

The favorite of the 3 games was Pong Cano. The game goes fast because it comes with 10 chips that you lose when you miss the volcano. Its nice to have an easy game that everyone can play. You can practice your hand eye coordination because it is tricky to get the ping pong ball in the volcano.




Monkey Up!

We played monkey up last. It reminded me of monkeys in a barrel. I think my nefew liked to stack and play with them more than actually playing the game.



Here is How to Play Monkey Up:

I think we need to play these games a few more times before we really know how to play. The rules are unique in these games with the exception of Pong Cano, which has the same rules as beer pong except when you miss you lose a chip. All in all, I think these are great family games to add to your arsenal. I know we will be playing these games at family game nights for years to come! I’ll be checking out their website for more awesome games.

You can buy these 3 games and more from Rooster Fin linked below. The games range from $14.99-$24.99.

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Molkky Game Day Party from Tryazon


Before I saw the Molkky Game day application on Tryazon I had never heard of it! I applied to host the Molkky game day party and was accepted.  It is an outdoor game from Finland. What is really cool about it is
that you can use the Molkky rules or the
Rules for bowling. Its great that its a 2 in 1 game. I LOVE that it comes in a wooden box with rope handles. It makes it easy to store. Im tempted ro paint it a pretty color since its made of unfinished wood.
Anywho, it was raining the day of my party so we played inside. The game came with an instruction book and pages to keep your score. There is an app that you can keep your scores on if you would rather do that.

In Molkky you use a wooden log type thing called a skittle that you throw at the pins.
The object of the games is to get 50 points. You lose if you go over 50 points. Its pretty interesting and would take a while to explain so I will link the instructions if you are interested.

We enjoyed the game but I think it will get better the more we play as we get familiar with the scoring.


We used my long hallway to play.
This is a great game to bring to a picnic. Its kinda difficult to play on tile! We are going to take in on our next picnic and try it on the grass.
This is the first outdoor game I have owned and I know my family will enjoy it for years to come!

I love that its an eco-friendly game as well. Here is a quote from Molkky:  “Mölkky is 100% natural! No chemicals or toxins are used when producing these well-crafted outdoor games. Mölkky is ecologically friendly with wood that is sourced from 100% sustainable Finnish forests that have been awarded the PEFC certificate. ”



Our dogs wanted to join in.


#BlushVoxBox from Influenster

*This box was sent to me for free from Influenster to review

I just got my Blush Vox Box from Influenster! It is aimed at brides and wedding patrons!

Here’s whats in it:

Coupon for 15% off at Perfect Details Wedding Accesories

Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner

Ardell Natural Lashes

Clinical Strength Secret Deoderant in Lavendar

Simple Micellar Water facials Cleansing Towlettes



I will be reviewing these items soon 🙂

Hope you are having a great day!

Carson Dickens 

Ulta Skincare Boxes!

Every season Ulta comes out with sample boxes. There is normally 3 for haircare and 3 for skincare depending on what your needs are. They tend to go pretty quick but some Ultas seem to hide them on the bottom of endcaps where they can be hard to find, but if you enjoy trying new innovative beauty products it’s worth the hunt! This season I bought 2 skincare boxes. I will put a star next to my favorite products. I always lean more towards sulfate free, vegan  and cruelty free products. It seems like more and more companies are realizing that their consumers are looking for more natural ingredients as well. I do not buy anything that doesn’t list the ingredients.


Skinnovation– The latest ingredients in skincare $7.99  The box contains 5 deluxe size samples.

Whats in it:

*Pacifica Kale Detox Face Wash .5 fl oz- Latest Ingredient: Kale (Vegan, cruelty free,sulfate free and natural ingredients) 

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream for Eyes .5fl oz- Latest Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid 

Biore Baking Soda Cleanser 1 fl oz- Latest Ingredient: Baking Soda (I wouldn’t call it a new innovation in skincare..) 

*Berts Bees Intense Hydration Facial Water 1fl oz- Latest Ingredient: Clary Sage (cruelty free, sulfate free and 99 percent natural ingredients) 

Loreal Paris Revitalift Intensive Overnight Mask .5 fl oz- Latest Ingredient: Pro- Xylane 

When it comes to skincare products I always use them sparingly. The items in these boxes will all last a couple of months for me if I use them everyday.  They are perfect for traveling! It’s nice to have luxury deluxe size samples on trips, even if they are just one night getaways.



& 3 Step Makeover $7.99

This box has 6 items

Olay Reginerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream .5 fl oz 

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream 1fl oz 

*No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced 1 fl oz (cruelty free, lanolin from sheeps wool is sustainably sourced and no animals are affected) 

Formula 10.06.6 Pores Be pure Skin Clarifying Mud Mask with Strawberry and Yarrow ( cruelty free) 

Pacifica Glow Baby Youthful Face scrub 1fl oz (Vegan. cruelty free, paraben free, natural ingredients and sulfate free) 

Neutrogena Make Up Remover Wipes 7 towelettes (Allergen tested and alcohol free) 


Overall I’m really happy with the value I get with these boxes. I can’t say that I dislike anything in either box. All of these products are pretty great and I will definitely use them up!

Comment and tell me if you got one of these boxes and if you agree that it’s a good value. 🙂

FYI Ulta sent me an email today for a free Benefit Brow Pencil so if you are a platinum member then check to see if you got the email!