Ulta Freebies!

If you are a platinum member at Ulta check your email! I’ve gotten two emails this week with a coupon for a freebie with purchase. You can use it online or in store. Ulta let me use both so I got two deluxe size samples with my purchase. If you plan to buy $15 or more you can also use the $3.50 off coupon in your emails from Ulta! I suggest printing these out if you can as sometimes the cashiers have issues using the emails on phones.

The freebies are for:

Travel Size Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse


It’s a $5 value and a new product to try!

Plush Rush Lip Gloss Mini


It’s a $10 value! Who doesn’t need as extra lipgloss? Well, nobody does really 🙂


Amazon Boxes!

Amazon has come out with sample boxes! Whoo! Who doesn’t LOVE sample boxes??? I like to try things before I buy them.

With these boxes you buy the box, then Amazon credits you they money back to spend on any items you want that were in the box. Its a great way to find great products! It would also be a great gift to send someone in the military, or a care package for a student or camper!

I ordered the snack box and the suds box. The snack box is $4.99 and comes with 5 or more snacks. The suds box is cleaning products. It comes with 9 samples and costs $7.99.There is a full size product in there!  You get that money back to spend on any products from the box that you like. Some people might call that free but its really not because you will have to spend that money on one of the products in your box, but technically speaking the boxes are free. Some of these may be sold out by the time you see this post.

Here are the boxes and links to each box:

Suds Cleaning Products Box Price $7.99  http://www.amazon.com/Suds-Sample-samples-credit-purchase/dp/B01BZV4OPE/?tag=amazontracking05-20

Cofee Syrup Sample Box Price $9.99  : http://www.amazon.com/Amoretti-Sample-samples-credit-purchase/dp/B01BZV5368/?tag=amazontracking05-20

Protein Bar Sample Box  $9.99 : http://www.amazon.com/Protein-Sample-samples-credit-purchase/dp/B01BZV4REW/?tag=amazontracking05-20

Cookie Sample Box  Price $4.99  : http://www.amazon.com/Cookie-Sample-samples-credit-purchase/dp/B01BZV55YI/ref=sr_tnr_p_1_173351011_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1463504202&sr=8-1&keywords=cookie+sample+box&tag=http://www.amazon.com/?tag=amazonamazon01-20

Womens Beauty Box $9.99 : http://www.amazon.com/Womens-Makeup-Beauty-Sample-purchase/dp/B01BZV4GZM#customerReviews

Energy Drink Sample Box $7.99: http://www.amazon.com/Energy-Sample-samples-credit-purchase/dp/B01BZV4XBE/?tag=amazontracking05-20

Snack Bar Sample Box $4.99: http://www.amazon.com/Snack-Sample-samples-credit-purchase/dp/B01BZV5C64/?tag=amazontracking05-20

Snack Foods Sample Box $4.99: http://www.amazon.com/Snack-Sample-samples-Credit-Purchase/dp/B01BZV58YA/?tag=amazontracking05-20

Womens Skin and Oral Care Beauty Care Sample Box  $14.99:  http://www.amazon.com/Womens-Beauty-Sample-credit-purchase/dp/B01BZV4EJA?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00

Happy savings! 

Carson Dickens 



Host a Healthy Baby Home Party!

Seventh Generation is now taking applicants for their upcoming healthy baby home party! I have hosted in the past and had a blast! I fell in love with seventh generation products because they make it easier to go green. Going green is important and so it going non-toxic and safe. Using only free and clear products on your baby is so necessary!

Apply for this party and you will receive a party pack like this one below to host your party with!

Join Seventh Generations program here and apply to the party: https://generationgood.socialmedialink.com/


Float Fest 2016!!


Iam so exited for this event! My husband wants to go for his birthday this year! We just had a baby so it is a much needed vacation for us!

What could be better than tubing, camping and enjoying some great music?? I think we are gonna have an amazing time.

I joined their ambassador program to earn points towards merch and possibly score free tickets. That would be insane!!  They sent me posters and stickers to post so tomorrow I’m going to a few downtown to post them. The more people that come the more fun it will be in my opinion.

Check out the website for more info and ticket prices:


wanna be an ambassador? Here’s my refferal link : Check out Float Fest. On this page, you can convert fandom into points and prizes! http://bit.ly/1MWrO4m


Judes Journey 3

(If you didn’t know, I’m writing these posts in numerical order so go back and read 1 and 2 if you would like.)

Ive been putting off writing this post because its a sore spot and I dont like to harp on things but I do need to write it.
A few weeks ago I was staying home with Jude, who was two months old at the time and now 3 months. He seemed pretty grumpy from the time he woke up till around 11 when I felt his forehead and all of a sudden he was burning hot. He smelled like a straightening iron. I was terrified. He was too young to be getting sick already. Since he has CF getting sick is a much more serious issue than it would be for the average baby. I took his temperature with my Kinsa thermometer, which is the most usefull thermometer Ive ever used and has been the most accurate. You plug the kinsa into your phone and it connects to an app that you read the temp from. You can use it for the underarm, anal or mouth. It will tell you what you should do about the temperature and asks you if you have certain symptoms so when you go to the dr you can keep a record of it. Judes temp was 102.3 so the kinsa app told me to get to an urgent care immediatly, based on his age. I took Jude straight to the urgent care kids that is connected to his pediatrition. I prayed and prayer the whole way there that he wouldnt be sick and it wouldnt escalate any further. We saw the Dr at urgent care, which was an ordeal trying to do the paperwork and waiting to be seen. A bunch of people that came after us went first because they had done the paperwork already and I had to pay a 40 co pay to even be seen. They make you pay that and then after insurance goes through they charge your card with the remaining amount which I think is wrong. Anyways after all thay Jude was finally seen. The nurse was really sweet and Jude was totally flirting with her! The Dr looked at him and listened to his chest. He said his chest sounded clear and no ear infection or red throat.  He did have a fever still at 102.3. The Dr ran a flu test and it came out negative so no flu.  We did a chest XRay and the dr said he didnt see anything to be concerned about but he wpuld send it to a specialist and call us if anything came up.He told me to give Jude tylenol every 4 hours untill his fever went away. Jude and I went home and when we got home I took his temp and bam, no fever. He still didnt feel good though and was screaming and just being very angry. After a couple hours I finally got him to calm down. Then my husband came home and told me that we need to get to the hospital asap. I had left my phone in the car for the past few hours. The dr had been calling me and I didnt answer. Im terrible about answering the phone but I make sure to check my phone more now. I returned the drs call and was informed that Judes xray showed pnemonia in his lungs. They had a room ready for him at Childrens hospital in dallas so we went right away. Ive never had to go to the hospital on such short notice so I had no idea what to bring so I paniced and didnt bring the things we would need. I did get everything Jude would need but nothing my husband and I would need as Jude was priority. We got to the hospital seamlessly with no traffic or getting lost which was nice. We only had to wait about 10 minutes to get to his room.
He didnt have a fever anymore once we got there.


He was given a bag from a Cf program with a blanket and toys for him and toiletries for us. It was so nice to know that someone cared and understood that the 1st hospital visit is hard for New CF parents. They provided a cool mobile for jude to look at during his stay.
Because they found pnemonia in his lungs they gave him IV antibiotics and wanted to keep him overnight and see how it goes.


I was so unprepared to stay overnight! Next time I will be sure to bring pillows, blankets, clothes and toiletries because my husband and I would have felt alot better with those things. We know now for next time and I keep a bag packed at all times now.


Jude seemed happy the whole time we were there besides having gas and not wanting to breastfeed there. I dont know what it was but he would not latch on at the hospital which led the nurses to think I needed a lactation specialist. They didnt understand or believe me at all. He breastfeeds perfectly fine everywhere else. I think the antibiotics made his tummy hurt and made him feel bad.


We ended up staying for 3 days to make sure the pnemonia cleared up and it did! This hospital visit resulted in more home care treatments. We were told to give Jude twice as much enzymes before every feeding. We were given a nebulizer and would need to begin breathing treatments daily. He was prescribed albuterol twice a day and pulmozine once per day until further notice.
These new treatments were scary to me. I didnt know how we were going to afford them. I hated that Jude would need these treatments everyday for the rest of his life just so he can stay healthy.


Going home from the hospital!!


I think the hospital visit was a wake up call to me as for how much CF would effect Jude and our whole family. When I got home I got serious and more organized. I wanted to make his treatments feel normal and his schedule to be fixed. I wanted the house to be clean and dust free. I wanted to find programs to cover his meds. All of these things had to be done and now if I wanted to make the best of things.
My husband and I got rid of all the curtains in the house as dust is horrible for Judes lungs and the rest of us too. Curtains are too hard to clean so we got rid of them. It brightened up our home and made it seem bigger anyways.
We bought a dyson vacumm cleaner that was recommended by the athsma and allergy foundation to keep our carpets dust and allergen free. We put a humidifier and air purifier for Judes



I got a dry erase board and wrote a list of his treatments so we can make sure we did everything he needs for the day.

I put together a home binder to keep all of our info organized. I also filled out Judes info in the CF binder that the CF clinic gave us. We bought a cart to keep Judes nebulizer in. It has room to keep his vest machine once he needs that as well. The cart is nice to have so that we can do his treatments anywhere.


I use this boon spoon to keep applesause in to feed Jude his enzymes. Hes lucky he gets to eat applesauce. He loves it! We never had a problem getting him to take his enzymes. I use a eat poo pee book to keep track of treatments and feedings.


I found a few programs that cover a percentage of his meds. I found a grant for Jude that will pay up to 15,000 this year for his meds so hopefully all of his meds will be covered for now. Im so grateful to have found these programs!

We are so lucky so have a great team of doctors to help Jude on his CF journey! Iam more confident than ever that Jude will have an amazing life. We are doing the best we can and I leave everything else up to God.

If you or someone you know has CF Please let me know of any other ways I can make my sons treatments and life easier.

Mothers Day Spring Cleaning Party!

Thanks to Tryazon and Full Circle, I had the pleasure of introducing my family to safe, eco-friendly and plant based cleaning products!

Going green has definitly been a long process for me and I have tried to not bite off more than I can chew. For a long time I have been interested in making my own cleaning products to
avoid the gross chemicals, dies and other unsafe things in our cleaning products. Full Circle made it super easy for me with a beautiful spray cleaning set! It was my favorite thing in the box of products they sent me to host a spring cleaning party with. They sent me tons of great cleaning products that are 100 percent all natural, bamboo or cotton, chemical free and recyclable! I truly have fallen in love with this brand! Not only are their products green, they also look beautiful so you can clean in style. You also save money in the long run by making your own cleaning products and keep your home chemical free.

Here is what I got in my party pack: (complimentary from Tryazon and Full Circle)




Lets get to the party!

We had a traditional brunch with Quiche, salad and strawberry shortcake!


I talked ro my guests about the importance of going green when it comes to cleaning products. I demonstrated how to make a basic multpurpose spray.






I showed them all the bamboo products I recieved and the favorite was the glass cleaner. Ive been using it and love it. It is super effective at cleaning glass and pretty to boot!



I Love love love Seventh generation products so I also introduced the dish soap and multi purpose spray to them. Seventh generation is a great alternative to green cleaning if you dont have the time to make your own cleaning products. They are eco friendly, safe for your home and have few ingredients. They are pricier than their un safe, non eco friendly counterparts but I think its worth it to help save our earth and to make our homes chemical free!



My guests tested out the duster on my windowsills!
The handle is made of bamboo and the duster is machine washable microfiber. I like swiffer dusters but they are wasteful because they dusters are not recyclable and not reuseable. Its just another thing to go into the landfill.

full circle sent us two kitchen towels made with cotton that are attractive and didnt cost the environment an arm and a leg to make. They also sent a four pack of cotton napkins that my family will now use in place of paper towels. Paper towels are such a waste. You cannot recycle them! You can reuse cotton napkins though! There are little things like that you can do to help save the earth.


My family liked the products so much that they want to buy a few things. Ill probobly be buying family their christmas presents from full circle this year! The prices are very reasonable.  Its one thing to go green yourself but to introduce it to family and friends is even better. They can influence thier friends to go green as well! It really doesnt take much to make a difference. Every good choice you make makes a difference!

To learn more about full circle go here: http://fullcirclehome.com/

To learn more about Seventh Generation Go here: http://www.seventhgeneration.com/

To join Seventh Generations  program go here: : https://generationgood.socialmedialink.com/home

I hosted the Healthy Baby Home Party a while ago and it was a blast!

It came with goodie bags to fill with coupons and samples for my guests, full size diapers, wipes and dish soap. Since hosting, the only wipes I will biu are Seventh Generation. I also love the dish soap and have been buying it along with laundry detergent and cleaning sprays.  They are doing another party soon, so if you are interested join generation good linked above. See what all the buzz is about 🙂


Interested in hosting a house party like this one?  You can apply here: https://www.tryazon.com/

Check out my going green pinboard also! https://www.pinterest.com/cmarion42/going-green/



Freebies Today! 5/09/2016

Are you a Sam’s Club member? Join the mom and dads club to get a free $10 gift card to Sam’s or Walmart! It makes just one minute to sign up! Easy Money!


Want a $5 Amazon Egiftcard? Just take 2 short personality surveys and get your egiftcard sent to your Email! I had fun doing it! Link below:


Free Pad and Liner From Tampax:


Free Diapers! Refer 3 friends for diapers!



Happy Freebiing!