How to get Free Baby Formula!


I have gotten hundreds of dollars worth of formula in the mail just from signing up with 3 brands that have been sending me cans of formula in the mail. It’s worth the time to sign up because formula is crazy expensive! Even if you are pregnant and planning on breasfeeding its still a good idea to sign up because you may need to supplement.

Below are the direct links to signing up to get free samples from formula brands. They say “sample” but they send you full size cans! Usually it’s one of each type of formula: Regular and gentle. Enfamil sends out the most formula by far. I’ve gotten 6 cans and a few boxes of the single serve on the go packs too. Gerber sends 1 at a time and I have gotten 3 cans from them along with a monthly milestone bib. Similac sends the non-gmo kind. They also send high value coupons and checks.





*These sites are for U.S residents only

limit 1 per household


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