Purse Party From Tryazon!

Purse Party! 
Here’s what came in my party kit :


1 Whoosh! Electronic Screen Shine
1 pack of 20 computer eyes cucumber eye pads
2 SOI Purse Light
A few informational packets on the SOI. Lights

Though these products by themselves are pretty cool ideas but  I felt like it was hard to create a theme for this party. I know that it is suppost to be a purse party but I dont feel like all of these items fit into that category so my party was more of a hey we can play with this cool stuff party! Haha! Women werent the only ones interested so men came as well.




During our party we enjoyed some local Barbeque and apple and cherry pies. I showed off the products and what they do. After we ate and chit chatted about the products we played Farkle and the winners got to pick a prize from the prize bag. I gave away the travel size whoosh!, an SOI purse light and 10 cucumber eye pads as prizes.


Product Reviews

The Soi. Purse Light

The purpose of this light is to illuminate the inside of your purse and help you to find things. It comes preloaded with batteries. It is manufactured by the german company Brainstream. Here’s what the pamplet says that came with it:

“SOI reacts by being touched or even senses an approaching hand and thus turns on automatically. After a certain period of time SOI switches off again automatically. Just touch or approach your SOI and let it illuminate your bag again”

This thing is pretty nifty. You barely touch it and it comes on and stays on just long enough to find whatever it is you are looking for in your bag or in the dark. The battery is fairly easy to change out and it is an attractive product. I feel like it does solve the problem of the purse being a big black hole. I think it should be marketed as multi use as a flashlight or a light for hunters to keep around. This product is of great quality and does what it claims to do. The only con for this is the cost. It costs around $30 and it seems like other companies have stolen the idea.

Purchase one here: http://www.brainstream.de/index.php/en/products/detail/soi/soi

Whoosh! Screen Shine 

Whoosh! is a tech hygiene product. It claims to be safe for all screens, to be non-toxic, ammonia and alcohol free. It claims to resist fingerprints too.

I’m all for non-toxic safe products as I have a baby and want to keep our home as safe as possible. Even if you don’t have kids it’s important that we don’t buy things with chemicals that will have a negative effect on our bodies and our earth. Alcohol and amonia will strip your

This spray screen cleaner works well. It comes with a cloth to wipe your screens with. If you have alot of screens in your home this might be a good investment. It makes your screens like new and keeps the dust at bay without harmful chemicals. Its great to use on your smart phone as we get them pretty dirty.

Can be purchased here: http://whoosh.com/pages/tech-hygiene?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=whoosh&utm_content=Tech&utm_campaign=Brand&gclid=Cj0KEQjw6Ya5BRDdyOewyo_Z_64BEiQA-fVKe0zA1Oi-bG4A5eavdTNdT1pR8O24De-0lefaFLLidp0aAk-a8P8HAQ


Computer Eyes Cucumber Eye Pads

Here is some info from their packaging:

  • Fresh cucumber aroma helps lift anxiety caused in daily living. To alleviate the discomfort of stressed eyes caused by long periods of staring at your laptop, tablets and smart phones.Fresh Cucumber with Vitamin E, Chamomile, Green Tea and Aloe Vera
  • 20 pre-moistened pads in a re-sealable sachet
  • Will soothe and rehydrate the eyes
  • Will help to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes
  • For added freshness store in refrigerator before use
  • Paraben free

I tried these and I think they are great to use unless you have fresh cucumber to use. They do what they claim which is to reduce puffiness and relieve stress from staring at screens. The packaging is minimal and the ingredients are all natural.

Purchase them here: https://www.amirose.com/products/computer-eyes-cool-cucumber


(These products were sent to me complimentary to review and hold a party. The opinions in this post are entirely my own.)

Spring Walmart Baby Box

My Walmart Baby Box has arrived! 

I’m super happy with it this season!

If you don’t already know, Walmart has a few subscription services. They have a beauty box for the classic category and the trendsetter box. They have a pregnancy, infant and toddler box for baby. They are all $5. That’s it. That includes tax. They charge your card before it ships every season. It comes for times a year. It’s fun to get these boxes and it’s always been worth it. I actually need or use the products so it is money well spent.

Here is the box this season:


Items in the box:

5oz Mam Vented Bottle with Rabbit print and $1 of mam coupon

Mam Pacifier for newborns

Packet sample of Aquafor Healing Ointment

Dapple Pure and Clean Bottle and dish cleaner packet sample and coupon for $1 off any dapple product

2 oz Sample Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Unscented Lotion

Travel Size Johnsons Baby Lotion

Travel Size Dr. Smiths Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Ointment with $2 off coupon inside


I love the Mam bottle! It’s cool to get full size items like the bottle and paci!

Thanks for reading!

Carson Paige ♪ ♫ ♬



Make the Choice to Love Yourself

In a world where appearance is everything we as women are expected too much of in the looks department. Men are too and it seems to be getting worse. I don’t know about you but growing up I was constantly told that I was not small enough, that I could buy those pants when I lost 5 pounds. If we aren’t perfect someone at some time or another is going to point it out and it’s going to hurt. Badly. It saddens me that we are so harshly criticized for things about our appearance that we cannot change. We pry on certain parts of ourselves that we hate. We base our self worth on these things. 95 percent of my friends have spilled to me the things they hate most about their appearances and how much it seems to ruin their lives. Why are we letting our physical flaws stop us from living a happy life?? WHY?? We are wasting our time. My hipbones can’t go below a size 10 so why do I want to be a size two. I know it’s not going to happen. I’ve let my weight make me miserable and I’ve missed out on life by worrying about it and feeling worthless because of my appearance. The truth is that as long as you are healthy, no one should worry about your weight or care about a flaw you have. I’m tired of hearing from friends how deeply devastated some of them are over a flaw they have no control over. If you don’t like your nose or your arms or whatever it’s just silly to beat yourself up over something you couldn’t control. We need to worry less about our appearance and more about our actions. Our actions and thoughts make us who we are not our supposed “dumbo ears”  or thick ankles. No one looks perfect. Everyone is attracted to different looks. There is no right way to be beautiful. I know we are all tired of hearing that we are all beautiful but it’s true. What’s not beautiful is hating yourself. It’s not cute to hate yourself. It’s not getting you anywhere. Work on your mind and your flaws won’t matter to you. Someone you think is super gorgeous may hate her eyebrows or her thighs just as,much as you hate your nose or double chin. We all have something we don’t like. We have that in common as humans. You would be surprised to hear how many girls and men have this issue of hating themselves. Your life will be much happier if you stop basing your self esteem on your unibrow or whatever thing you don’t like about yourself. It seems that people tell us to be confident and then say we have an ego when we finally accept ourselves. Do not ever feel bad for thinking you are sexy or pretty or whatever. You are what you think you are. Who you are is who you were born to be and that in and of itself should be enough for you. Give yourself permission to accept and even love your flaws. It’s time to love yourself unconditionally becasue in the end you are all you have. When you die you want to be known for your accomplishments, not your skinny ass or symmetrical face. God sees us for our souls. We should do the same. We shouldn’t judge others by appearance either becasue it’s just exacerbating others insequerities. It’s a choice to love yourself. Make the choice today.


Just Jan’s Jamboree House Party


Tryazon selected me to host the Just Jan’s Jamboree! (If you are interested in hosting a house party for Tryazon apply for the parties you are interested in on Tryazon.com. You can also apply for house parties on houseparty.com. You are sent products and things to give away to guests at your party. )

Here’s is what’s in the party pack:


About my party


I decided to make my party a ladies brunch.  I used the recipes from the host guide and the Just Jan’s website. I made Kadota Fig Oatmeal bars with the fig spread and lemon bars with the Meyer lemon curd! Everyone loved both but the oatmeal bars were favored. I also made a bacon and cheese quiche and a quiche florintine. I made lemon poppy seed muffins and banana nut muffins too. I had a blast cooking the night before the party!


I received 4 jars of jams in the box so I decided to do a giveaway with the two I didn’t use. I made two gift bags with a few little items such as mini shower gels and hand sanitizers.

Prize Drawing! 


My winners loved their prizes!


We ate, did the giveaway drawing,chatted about life and about Just Jans products.
Then we sampled the mini flavors that were sent to me with English muffins.


My personal favorite was the orange blossom honey!

We followed our brunch with a few rounds of apples to apples.


There’s nothing better than getting  to spend quality time with family!


In conclusion, there was not one flavor given to us that I didn’t like. If you like jams for your bagels,crepes, toast, crumpets, PB&J-whatever-these jams and marmalades are top-notch. It’s great that they are homemade and organic. My favorite jam was the strawberry one. It’s now a staple in my kitchen for daily use. I also thought the Orange Blossom honey, Lemon Lime and Meyer lemon curds were great and something different.

Thanks for reading!


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C9 at Target Sports Bra Review

I was chosen by Influenster to recieve the C9 at Target Sports Bra Voxbox!

Here’s the box: 


The voxbox came with one C9 Sports bra in my size in the color black. I was picked for the C9 virtual voxbox as well which was a printable coupon for 40% off of a bra. I figured I could buy one if I liked the one I got in my voxbox.

I was a little wary of receiving a bra in the mail because it seems like I have to try on a million in store to find a good fit. I usually shop for bras at Victoria’s secret so they can measure me before I try on. These C9 sports bras run from $16.99 to $22.99 so I’m not going to compare them to the $35-$60 sports bras Victoria’s Secret carries.

Influenster sent me the size I requested but I wasn’t crazy about the boring black color. I usually go for bright colors. After trying it on I’m glad it’s black because it goes with everything. This bra is very high quality for the price. It fit me well and lifts as if it has underwire but there is none! Underwire in sports bras in no bueno but so is an unflattering sports bra! This bra is flattering! I went out and used my 40% coupon at Target and got a black and mint colored bra. See below:


To possibly get chosen for a voxbox sign up for influenster today! link below:


Thank you for reading!


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Star Wars Collection Review!

Head to the store to buy star wars makeup I did!!

 I LOVE themed makeup! I especially love Disney themed makeup so when I saw that Covergirl had come out with a Star Wars Collection, I had to get me some! I mean after I found some great coupons first of course! Ulta had $2 off coupons on a display so I grabbed a few of those and Covergirl occasionally has some you can print on coupons.com. Ulta doesn’t carry the Star Wars Collection though 😦 What gives Ulta?? Anyways, I decided to try a night look and a day look. Day being the light side and night being the dark side of course! I prefer a light natural look myself but its fun to experiment. 

I got these items in my haul:

Covergirl Trunaked Roses Eye shadow Pallet 

Covergirl Star Wars Waterproof Supersizer Mascara-in Light side, Very Black

Covergirl Star Wars The Force Awakens Lipsticks in number 70(a shiny mauve/rose color) and number 50 (Dark purple)


Light Side 


For the Day look I used Berts Bees BB cream and Tarte Cheek stain for a natural look. For my eye shadow I used the new Covergirl Trunaked Roses Pallete (Which is an obvious dupe of the Naked 3 pallet) For my lips I used The Star Wars lipstick color 70. I was disappointed that the lipstick didn’t have Star Wars Themed names. That’s kind of lazy of them! I really love this lipstick though! The tube is cute and the lipstick has pretty marbling in it that makes it seem luxe. It has shimmer without being grainy like some lipsticks are. As for staying power, if you won’t be eating or drinking it stays on quite well.  As for the Roses Pallet, it comes pretty close to the Naked3 pallet. The shadows are a bit chalkier and you have to use more than you would of the Naked3 to get good color payoff, but for the price I would say this is a great buy. If you invest in a good eye shadow base such as Urban Decays Eye shadow primer, pretty much any eye shadow will last the day. I used the Star Wars Mascara and I’m not impressed. It’s just an average black mascara. The tube is cool though. On the side is says “I see your eyes. I know your eyes.” quote from The Force Awakens. 

The Dark Side


I had to add in some star warsy light trails 😛 while I’m fangirling over this collection!

I used the same makeup for my face as in the light side look but for this look I used the darker shades in the Roses Pallet with the Star Wars lipstick in the color 50. I also used a bit of bronzer as the darker shades wash me out a bit. It is a iridescent purple color. I was scared to try this color because I normally go for pinks and corals, but it is a fun color for night life. 

Overall I’m happy with this collection, especially the lipsticks. I honestly bought them for the packaging more than anything. I wasn’t expecting much quality wise but the quality is great for the price. 


*I paid for these products myself and was not paid to do a review

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Let me know in the Comments which you liked better Light or Dark

Like if you are a Star Wars fan so I can follow you 🙂

May the force be with you!

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My Sons Cystic Fibrosis Journey Pt 2

3 weeks ago my husband and I found out our 5 week old baby Jude has Cystic Fibrosis. We went to a CF Clinic and spoke to several different Drs, did a fecal exam and sweat test. The Dietitian had us start salting and adding extra vitamins and formula to his bottles, easy enough. Both tests came back high-positive for Cystic Fibrosis a few days after the visit. When I got the call with the results, I felt like I had lost something. Something I have been working hard to get for a long time. My dream of having a big family just got a lot more complicated. I didn’t have a traditional family growing up. I was an only child of divorced parents. My dream was to create a beautiful home and have a big family to share it with. My husband and I have done everything right.We had a fairytale courtship and fell in love within a few dates. We were together a few years, went though a lot together and got married. We bought a house a year after being married. We filled the house with everything we could possibly want and more. We dreamed of the ideal family life. I learned how to bake the best chocolate chip cookies, as if that were somehow a part of a great family. I felt like a big family was an attainable dream. I’ve always wanted to adopt but after having Jude I want another child that’s my own.I wanted Jude to have a sibling to grow up with.  I wanted 3 children at the least. I cannot help but feel like I’ve lost that. The chance of us having another child with CF is 1 in 4. I do not want to take that risk and I do not want to to invitro treatment to have another baby. If God intended us to only have Jude,we need to accept that. We are just so heartbroken right now. We are afraid of the future. The last thing we want is for our son to be sick. My heart is breaking for Jude. It’s unfair to him.

With that said, I’m hopeful for Jude’s Future. He’s getting preventative treatments to prolong his life. He will be 2 months old in a few days!

We went to Jude’s 2nd Cystic Fibrosis visit and this is where is really gets to be alot for us. We saw several different drs and nurses and even a social worker (who was useless and did not want to help us or listen to us) We learned details about his disease and how we would begin treatments. For now, he was put on enzymes to help his pancreas digest his proteins and fats better. We learned that his pancreas is insufficient, which explains his extreme hunger. I had been letting him eat whenever he wanted. He’d been eating several bottles of formula (with extra half scoop per serving to up calories). We were pleased to learn at this visit that despite his pancreas, he gained 2 pounds! I must be doing something right. Even though he gained weight he still has to start on enzymes so he won’t be so hungry all the time and he can digest his food better. We were taught how to give enzymes before he eats. We learned about clinical trials and the fact that patients with CF are living longer and longer because of new drugs and early diagnoses. We were given a book from a drug company called “Who am I?” which is an adorable book about a day in the life of a child with CF. We were taught how to do CPT on Jude, which is an airway clearance routine that must be done once a day.We spent 5 hours in the CF clinic waiting for each Dr to make their rounds. We will have to go to the clinic every month until he is a year old and every 3 months after that. Assuming he stays well, it doesn’t seem as doomed and debilitating as I though it would be. They handed us a huge notebook filled with things we would need to keep as reference and things we will need to keep track of. It’s all a little overwheming.


He’s been on enzymes for 2 days now and he seems to be going longer between feedings. I was feeding him every 30 minutes but now its sometimes over an hour!

Jude is such a sweet little baby and seems so healthy and happy. You would never know that anything is wrong.

Just Jan’s Jambore House Party Unboxing!


I was chosen to host the Just Jan’s Jamboree house party by #Tryazon!

I received my  box yesterday and am exited to unbox it! (complimentary from Tryazon)

Here’s what’s in the box:


6 small jars of just jans jams and curds. It’s an assortment of 6 flavors.

-Organic Strawberry Spread

-Mango Fruit Spread

-Kadota Fruit Spread

-Orange Blosson Honey

-Key Lime Curd

-Tangerine Marmalade

I love jam. I usually go for blackberry jam so it will be fun to try some new flavors!
They are the cutest little jars perfect for sampling with crackers at the house party! I can’t wait to see what people think!


It came with this adorable apron!


And lastly it came with 4 jars of jams. 2 jars of Meyer lemon curd and 2 jars of kadota fig jam.

I’ll be giving 2 jars away in a giveaway at the party! 

It came with 2 recipe cards to try.

I’m definitely making lemon bars with the lemon curd!

More info here: http://www.tryazon.com/just-jans-jamboree/

How to get Free Baby Formula!


I have gotten hundreds of dollars worth of formula in the mail just from signing up with 3 brands that have been sending me cans of formula in the mail. It’s worth the time to sign up because formula is crazy expensive! Even if you are pregnant and planning on breasfeeding its still a good idea to sign up because you may need to supplement.

Below are the direct links to signing up to get free samples from formula brands. They say “sample” but they send you full size cans! Usually it’s one of each type of formula: Regular and gentle. Enfamil sends out the most formula by far. I’ve gotten 6 cans and a few boxes of the single serve on the go packs too. Gerber sends 1 at a time and I have gotten 3 cans from them along with a monthly milestone bib. Similac sends the non-gmo kind. They also send high value coupons and checks.








*These sites are for U.S residents only

limit 1 per household